Bump Up Your Marketing Game with Thermography and 3D Varnish

It’s true what they say about first impressions—they make a lasting impact and you only get one chance to get it right. Thermography is just one of the several ways we can help your marketing campaigns make a meaningful first impression.

No matter what your profession or industry, special printing effects like thermography can help your materials stand out from the rest—lending a unique sensory feel while taking your marketing game to a new level. Here’s how it works: As your piece passes through our tech-advanced printer with heating unit, thermo powder is dropped and melted to the ink to make it bubble and raise, creating an enhanced effect you can feel. The process results in a memorable piece that dries immediately upon completion.

This technique gives the ink a 3D property that has both a defined visual effect as well as a texture that’s sensitive to the touch. It can create an elegant, professional, or outside-the-box experience that can be used with any ink colors in conjunction with other special effects such as metallic foil or embossing to create unique, cost-effective designs. And they’re durable to ensure a long-lasting shelf life.

With thermography, you can create any pattern or design to be used on business cards, brochures, invitations and many other marketing materials.

An Affordable Alternative

Although thermography may look a lot like fancy engraving, the advancements in print technology have made it not only an intriguing special effect, but an affordable one as well.

Once reserved for exclusive projects such as formal invitations, today’s thermography has a wide variety of applications, such as raised-print icons and symbols that can help amplify your brand, service or business in a highly unique way. Whether through elegant script or trendy logos, thermography is a creative yet affordable option to help you separate your business from the pack.

What Paper Works Best With Thermography?

Uncoated stocks work best with raised ink projects because the powder works with the ink more effectively on paper that has grain. Printing on coated stock is still manageable, however.

When it comes to thermography, it’s best to work with printers that have experience with this special effect because they’ll know how to handle the particular challenges that can come up when working with raised ink. Things like tight registration or multiple colors overlapping each other should be avoided. Dot separation from color tints are also much more noticeable in raised ink, so you’ll want to be cognizant of using only solid colors and shapes in your design.

The TEAM Advantage

TEAM can help you get your project started right away through our world-class support services that include immediate pricing and ordering, shipping options, scheduling of turnaround times, and custom review for inspecting and creating artwork, discussing paper choices, and choosing additional specifications for your thermography project.

We have eleven different standard card stocks to go with our multiple finishing options that are sure to help your marketing materials stand out. And when it comes to things like letterhead or stationery, we always use laser-safe thermograph powder to ensure compatibility with the widest range of desktop printers.

Our award-winning superior service means you’ll always get the special attention your job deserves, including maintaining the highest standards in color quality and consistency. Your order is produced according to its individual needs and specifications, not just thrown in with other orders. Skilled technicians use the finest equipment to achieve sharp, accurate and vibrant color. And our presses are always running. So you can count on fast turnaround, too.


Trade printing is one of our specialties. We partner with many agencies, designers and print brokers who offer our broad range of printing capabilities and fast turnaround on custom marketing & communication materials at a great price.

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