Give Your Marketing Materials the Winning Edge!

We know how important it is for you to make a lasting impression on your customers and prospects. Using our unparalleled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, TEAM can help you push your marketing materials to the edge—creating one-of-a-kind print pieces that are sure to last in the memory of your audience.

Edge painting is just one of the many special effects and embellishments we offer to help you add character and quality to your product while elevating your brand’s presence. This dynamic effect will help your materials—whether business cards, mailers, invitations, brochures and many more–jump out from the crowd.

Just as its name suggests, edge painting is the art of applying color or foil to the edges of thick sheets and card stock. You can use a single color or multiple colors, and you can use foil and metallic inks as well. Edge painting looks best with thicker paper and is a difference-maker in helping your brand stand out.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

We maintain the highest standards to produce top-quality printing. Our expanded digital capabilities and expertise in color quality, reliability and consistency ensure that your printed piece with edge painting will look the way you designed it on screen—and that we’ll be able to turn it around fast.

Edge painting is a custom print process and, as such, we mix colors by hand to match your Pantone specification. Being a manual process means there may be slight variations in tone and saturation depending on the number of cards being painted, but our experienced technicians do a tremendous job in matching the ink to the color of your choice.

The result is sure to be a creative, eye-grabbing alternative to standard white edges that takes advantage of vibrant color, metallic ink, or foil.

We recommend thicker papers—usually 160 lb. and up—for the best results when implementing edge painting. It can be achieved on thinner paper, but heavier (thicker) paper weights will better show the color and saturation of the ink color.

Edge Painting Design Considerations

Again, the thicker the paper the more noticeable the painted edge will be, so opt for a thicker paper stock if you really want to make an impact. You can choose a shade that matches your brand logo or go with a simple yet effective accent color. Here are some other thigs to consider when using edge painting in your designs:

  • You might want the color of the edge painting to be darker than the card stock to ensure that it is visible (e.g., bright red, cobalt blue, or bright neon or metallic foils).
  • Light edge painting colors probably won’t coordinate well with use on dark card stock, but foil might make an interesting alternative in this case.
  • Edge painting is only available on paper stocks and cannot be applied to metal, plastic or acrylic material.
  • Edge painting can be utilized in conjunction with die cutting and digital cutting.

We’re capable of printing on a wide range of card stock, duplex and triplex cards that are ideal for edge painting due to their extreme thickness and stiffness.


Trade printing is one of our specialties. We partner with many agencies, designers and print brokers who offer our broad range of printing capabilities and fast turnaround on custom marketing & communication materials at a great price.

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