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Helping Your Print Projects Stand A Cut Above

In a world of squares and rectangles, a little curve can be a breath of fresh air. Our die and digital cutting services allow you to think outside the box—literally—with nearly limitless shape options ranging from simple rounded corners, holes, or stair-stepped edges, to the most complex cutout you can imagine.

Die cutting and digital cutting are just part of the long list of special effects and embellishments available at TEAM that can truly set your print project apart. We can customize the die to suit your design to create a crisp, shapely edge that can implement fine detail and a distinctive look to make your project pop.

Much like a cookie cutter is used to create shapes when baking, die cutting utilizes a sharp steel blade formed into a specific shape that is then used to cut through paper. Digital cutting, on the other hand, uses our advanced print technology to generate laser-like precision and accuracy while cutting intricate lace patterns, fretwork, text, logos, or other fine graphics into paper, thin paperboard or thin cardboard.

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As always, it’s our mission to help you create high-quality marketing assets through our wide spectrum of powerful printing options. Our custom die and digital cutting capabilities are perfect for business cards, mailers and postcards, invitations and announcements, greeting cards, packaging, as well as door hangers, window clings, roll labels, product tags, coupons and much more.

Die and digital cutting are automated printing operations, which allows print runs from a single prototype to 1 million pieces to be generated in an efficient and timely. While we have a wide selection of standard dies readily available, we can also create any custom shape needed to suit your unique designs.

Your Marketing Materials Don’t Have to Be Boxed In

A bold choice when promoting your product or business, die and digital cutting offers you a way to break from the crowd and implement shapes, contours, flaps and holes to enhance visual appeal and instantly grab the attention of end users.

Think BIG:
  • A brochure could have a window with your name, logo or another compelling design jumping through.
  • A presentation folder could come with sculpted edges and pockets.
  • Promotional labels, magnets and business cards could come in the shape of your logo.
  • Invitations could come in the shape of your favorite animal. Or a motorcycle. Or palm trees.
  • Construction companies, real estate agents or architects could use the outline of a roof or building.

Let your imagination run wild.

Keep in mind that die cutting can be used in conjunction with several of TEAM’s other special effects, including embossing, raised ink, edge painting and hot stamping. When die and digital cutting is used strategically to command the attention of customers, that means they’re taking a closer look at your business and what you have to offer. And that often leads to sales.

Our state-of-the-art die and digital cutting capabilities can cut and etch contoured shapes and intricate designs with an incredibly fine level of detail and precision, which is sure to help transform your print projects into an extraordinary, memorable experience.

We adhere to the most demanding standards in order to produce top-quality printing. Our expanded digital capabilities and expertise in color quality, reliability and consistency ensure that your printed piece—whether with die cutting or any other special embellishment—will conform to your design requests and be turned around fast.


Trade printing is one of our specialties. We partner with many agencies, designers and print brokers who offer our broad range of printing capabilities and fast turnaround on custom marketing & communication materials at a great price.

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