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Specialty Coatings to Help Your Brand Rise Above the Rest

Specialty coatings can bring an added dimension to help accentuate the graphic elements of your print project while inviting consumers to engage more deeply with your marketing materials. Our special effects coatings can help your brand experience an entirely new level of quality and promotion by delivering sensory effects and 3D visuals that will make your print project stand out from all the rest.

Whether it’s through the feel and appearance of a soft touch rubbery, velvety or silky fabric substrate, coatings and lamination are just part of our special effects and embellishments that will breathe new life into your print piece, product and brand.

With these specialty coatings, not only will clients be captivated by the striking, high-quality visual elements, they can actually feel its multi-dimensional effects and remember it much more readily. TEAM’s soft touch, spot, and overall UV coatings are often used to create high-end, visually stimulating and professional effects, including:

  • Gloss & Raised Profile
  • Gloss & Matte
  • Soft Touch & Textures

Why utilize effects like these? Because they will help separate you from the pack, and that differentiation is a leading factor in generating improved results from your marketing efforts. By enhancing your projects with a tactile, higher-quality and more luxurious feel, our next-gen print technology will help you add bottom-line value to your brand identity.

Benefits of Specialty Coatings

Consumers have an affinity for visually compelling 3D experiences. That’s why specialty coatings and laminations are being applied more and more to marketing efforts across a wide range of industries. These kinds of coatings can help you:

  • Make a greater impact with consumers while reinforcing the premium quality of your brand through amazing visual and tactile appeal
  • Help differentiate your product from competitors that choose lower-quality print options
  • Protect your materials to ensure a longer shelf life (and also reinforce the quality of your brand)
  • Reduce production time via rapid drying, enabling faster shipping and customer satisfaction
  • Resist smudges, fingerprints, scrapes, and dirt more than conventional inks
  • Flood the entire page or apply on a spot basis to accent a portion of your product

Lamination: Combining Protection with High-Impact Appearance & Feel

Lamination can add durability, a unique finish and memorable visual impact to your printed materials while protecting them from moisture, dirt, fingerprints, and sun exposure. Because it protects and enhances vibrant ink colors and quality paper, it is an excellent print enhancement for a multitude of marketing materials.

  • High Gloss Liquid Laminate: Provides a sheen and protection that is reflective of top-quality, commercial print projects. For projects that require a sleek feel with sturdy protection, high gloss liquid laminate is an interesting option.
  • Matt Liquid Laminate: Help increase visual and tactile appeal by adding a smooth texture and depth to the ink. Applied in the same way as the high gloss, matt liquid laminate creates a rich, classy look that reduces shine. The finished paper has a "soft" feeling, like Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Liquid Laminate Spot Finish: This is a special effect that will add an extra pop to printed materials. Spot liquid laminate is an ideal method to add subtle highlights and unique textures. This is a cost-effective way to add dimension.

Committed to Delivering Superior Results

Our fully automated press features six-color printing capabilities with a coating tower for increased flexibility to take on the most demanding projects while shortening turnaround times. This capability reinforces our commitment to best-in-class service and client satisfaction, including:

  • Large sheet size allows for a vast canvas to help create your next amazing print project
  • UV inking reduces drying time dramatically and won’t fade in sunlight, producing strong vibrant colors that last
  • Accepts up to 32-point thickness to suit a variety of specialty packaging projects, including plastics, films, foils and a variety of other substrates
  • In-line coating allows for flood UV, spot UV, strike-through spot coatings, gloss and satin, and aqueous and soft touch coatings

Trade printing is one of our specialties. We partner with many agencies, designers and print brokers who offer our broad range of printing capabilities and fast turnaround on custom marketing & communication materials at a great price.

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