We'll Get Thru This Together

I want to share with you what’s on my mind regarding the COVID-19 situation, how we are responding to it, and how we will operate within the guidelines of Executive Order 2020-10 from the State of Illinois.

The spread of COVID-19 has impacted billions of people and has sent an unprecedented shock through our world. As I write this, my thoughts are with those who are currently infected with the virus, people who live-in high-risk areas, and people who may be at a higher risk of contracting the virus. My thoughts are with my family, my friends, our TEAM, and our clients. From the human perspective of this, my main message I want to share is be kind, be selfless, and be well.

After conducting extensive research regarding the State’s recent directive and after receiving guidance from third party Counsel, we will continue to serve our communities as an “essential business.” We don’t take this lightly and we are ready to accept any challenges that may arise. For many years, Team Concept Printing has produced printing, signage, and packaging for the Medical, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Restaurant, Grocery, Delivery Services, and many more critical industries. We will continue to create high quality print pieces to support these industries. Therefore, so we are able to serve those critical industries, we do intend to stay open thru April 7, 2020.

There’s no question that these events – and the pace in which they unfold – have been extraordinary. While staying safe and healthy, and doing our part to contain COVID-19 must be the priority for all of us, it’s hard to ignore the resulting turmoil within the industries we serve. With that in mind, we will abide by the State’s directives and will do our part to be safe. These are the additional changes that we are implementing within our work environment.

  1. All sales, customer service, administration, accounting, marketing and executive functions will be handled remotely with certain people on premise to assist them in the building.
  2. Production will work at required capacity as we work to make sure we are there for our clients in this time of need.
  3. Every access point to our facility will be locked and we will not be allowing anyone in the building who does not support our essential business operations.
  4. We will continue to professionally sanitize every part of the operation.

To get up to the minute updates on any of your current projects or recently placed projects that support “essential industries” please email your direct contact at TEAM and they will be able to provide you assistance. From the business and operations perspective of our world, my main message is that we are here for you and we are willing and experienced enough to successfully adapt to whatever comes our way.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who is helping others in their communities, from public safety professionals and health care professionals who risk infection to help others and keep us safe, to volunteers who are dropping off food and supplies for elderly neighbors, to those who have halted their family events to stay at home. Your brave actions inspire confidence and faith that we’ll get through this together. And while our definition of normal life may have changed for the immediate future, you can be assured that TEAM’s commitment to you has not.

Let’s continue to work together during this time and WE WILL get through it. Be well everyone.

Anthony Rouse
President & CEO

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