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Changes and Trends in Political Marketing

The history of political marketing in the United States goes back to the early 1800’s. Despite various cultural and technological advancements impacting the methods used today, the significance of political marketing remains unaltered. 


Today the use of advertising, social media, and printed marketing collateral to spread a candidate's mission and message to voters is most common.


But gaining the support of the public masses isn’t an easy task. It requires planning, strategy, and above all; the ability to send a message the people resonate with.  

A Brief History of Politics and Marketing


Political candidates have always tried different things to get the support of the people. From Roman emperors putting on gladiator fights to European monarchs making improvements to cities, leaders have always tried to win over the hearts and minds of the people.


However, since the introduction of democracy in the United States, the rules of politics have changed. People now vote for the candidates they feel connected to.

How Political Marketing Usually Works


To reach the most people, political campaigns today pretty much use the same set of plays. But they still use business cards, campaign flyers, and other campaign materials that have been around for a long time to reach their audiences.


These things are always a part of their marketing plans.


Here are some of the most common ways to kick off your political marketing: 

Commercials on TV

A big part of political campaigns is advertising on television. The campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spent $896 million on TV ads during the 2012 presidential election, according to The Washington Post.


Most of these buys were for ads that were bad. Even though most of the ads were bought in key swing states, they were also seen all over the country.


However, when it comes to non-presidential elections, campaign budgets tend to be far less staggering.


So what are some affordable, yet effective, ways to invest in political marketing? 

Direct Mail Marketing & Variable Data Printing 


Even though a lot of today's campaigns are online and on social media, they still use tried-and-true methods like direct mailing, requiring the use of direct mail political marketing supplies.


The Washington Post says that direct mailings and fliers were the second most expensive part of the 2012 presidential campaigns, after TV ads. They still worked well with older voters.


Candidates can make their messages and platforms clearer through direct mailing. You can get these marketing materials from many places, like a unique commercial printer. These things are bought in large quantities and are the main way that information gets to a lot of people.


Additionally, you don't want to make your voters feel like anonymous faces in the crowd. They are people with names and specific concerns. This is where variable data printing becomes a powerful way to individualize your message on a piece-by-piece basis. 


Not only does this mean inserting a name at the top of your mailer, but also can include  varying color and photography, as well as messaging to address interest groups, or a single individual, as part of a bulk mailing.


This kind of granular customization creates a personalized experience with the potential to connect with voters on a deeper level and get out the vote.


Custom Printed Political Marketing Materials


The importance of high-impact marketing materials that communicate effectively and facilitate voter support cannot be understated in political marketing. 


Some great examples of highly effective, printed marketing materials that can and should be used in your political marketing campaign are:


Investing in high quality printed marketing materials to enhance your political campaign will make a positive and memorable impression on your voters.

Promotional Campaign Products


Voters love promotional products, t-shirts and other items imprinted with their candidate's campaign logo or slogan. Advertising specialty items are a great way to spread awareness and stay top of mind.


Even in today's digital age, nothing has more impact with a local constituency than something real in their hands. The possibilities include:

  • T-Shirts & Embroidered Apparel

  • Buttons & Lapel Pins

  • Pens & Pencils

  • Coffee Mugs

  • Water Bottles

  • Keychains

  • Frisbees

  • Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Digital Branding


The Internet also gives candidates unique ways to build their own brand and platform. Websites make it possible to talk about issues and points of view in detail. Social media makes it easy to spread content to a large number of people. With so many ways to get the word out, candidates can build a name that voters will remember.

Social Media’s Role in Political Marketing


Social media has made it easier for candidates not only to reach more people but also to reach out to the right people. Social media marketing lets candidates get their messages out quickly and to a large number of people.


It also lets you make ads and messages that reach a very specific audience. Ads can be made for different groups based on their age, where they live, and other factors. This can help social campaign teams do a lot of good work.


Overall, political campaigning and political marketing have become the same thing. Because of this, campaigns need marketing supplies. 


You'll want to find a trusted and reputable supplier for basic things like business cards and letterhead a long time before a campaign to make sure it goes well.

Team Concept Printing Has Political Marketing Supplies


At Team Concept Printing, we understand the need to get your political marketing supplies well in advance of the campaign, and it needs to be accurate every time. 


Our team goes above and beyond to meet and exceed your deadlines and quality, supplying you with your essential political marketing supplies easily! 


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