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Master Printing: 6 Printing Capabilities for High-quality Results

master printing

The term “master printing” might conjure up figures like Johannes Gutenburg or chromolithography, the birth of multicolor printing.

In fact, today’s professional printers—like those running TEAM Concept Printing—are just as revolutionary in their techniques and technologies. Like their pioneering historical counterparts, their years in the printing industry give them the know-how to solve your printing problems or bring your project to life on paper.

And, as a business owner or marketing manager looking to help your brand stand out from the crowd, that’s something you want to tap into!

So, let’s dig into the printing capabilities of masters like TEAM Concept Printing

1. Conventional Offset

Conventional offset printing is one of the most commonly used printing techniques. You can use this method to craft anything from newspapers, magazines, and books to brochures, posters, and stationery.

These types of printing needs are collectively called trade printing.

Companies like conventional offset printing because it’s affordable, fast, and produces consistently high-quality results. Turnaround times are typically fast—especially if you work with a printer’s in-house design department. Of course, you can also submit your designs for printing.

TEAM Concept Printing has the finest collection of offset presses around. Work with us, and you’ll have access to:

  • Komori Lithrone G40, SX29, and 28P

  • Ryobi 3304HA, 3302C, and 2800CD

  • Presstek 34DI

  • Abdick 9985

Sheetfed presses accommodate larger runs, while 2-color, 4-color, and 6-color presses are excellent options for smaller projects.

2. Digital Color and Embellishments

Today, the quality of digital color printing is almost on par with that of traditional offset. However, due to continual upgrades, digital printing has many advantages for businesses.

The method is fast, with highly efficient dry times. This allows your printer to turn over products sooner. Anything you can print offset, you can now create faster with digital.

Plus, you can run smaller quantity jobs that would be cost-prohibitive on a traditional press.

Digital printing creates extremely sharp, photo-finish imagery. You can print on a wide variety of substrates and take advantage of all kinds of embellishments—from 3D varnish to foil finishing. And the variable data capabilities make image variables and on-the-run customization possible.

This helps you deliver a more concise marketing message.

TEAM machines in this category include:

  • HP Indigo (one of the few in the Chicago area)

  • Kodak Nexpress ZX3900

  • Ricoh Pro C7110X

  • MGI Jetvarnish 3D EVO + iFoil

  • Canon Program IPF8000S and Oce Arizona 226 XT

3. Thermography

Some printing projects require that special touch.

Invitations to a corporate or charity event. Festive seasonal greetings to VIP clients. Brochures for high-end consumer items.

If you need to elevate your marketing, consider thermography. This type of printing creates a tactile surface using raised ink. Use it to emphasize a logo on a corporate letterhead or highlight an aspect of an image.

But how does this highly specialized printing process work? A sheet of printed paper stock passes through the heating unit. Then, the machine deposits thermo powder onto the ink, melting it in place. It quickly dries to the touch, resulting in a design element that rises from the paper.

All thermography orders at TEAM are treated as special orders—we work hard to meet your needs and specifications. They are worked on by skilled technicians using dedicated lines:

  • Sunraise HP 20” (1) or 16” (4)

  • Them-O-Type 450-MX (1) or 475-D (2)

  • American Ultraviolet Laser Light Units (4)

If you’re creating letterhead or other stationery, rest assured we use laser-safe thermograph powder that’s compatible with most desktop printers.

4. Post-Press Finishing

Once your items come off the printer, the work doesn’t end there. Any reputable, experienced printer will offer a range of post-press finishing options designed to create the perfect product for your needs.

Post-press, TEAM offers clients:

  • Coated or uncoated stock

  • UV coating with tactile effects

  • Digital embossing

  • Hot foil stamping

  • Variable data printing

We can also take care of all your custom boxing and packaging needs with:

  • Digital cutting

  • Creasing and scoring

  • Perforation

  • Prototype development

Other special finishes and packaging options include:

  • Corner rounding

  • 3-hole pressing

  • Wire stitching

  • Wafer sealing

  • Shrink packaging

5. Folding and Bindery

Are you responsible for creating publications? Whether a book, magazine, corporate profile or brochure, TEAM has a comprehensive range of folding and bindery options available to ensure your publication can handle the rigors of delivery and reading.

Saddle stitching, also called centerfold stapling, is one of the most commonly used forms of binding. It’s simple, fast, and perfect for things like concert programs or booklets. If you want to elevate your publication with a spine, consider perfect binding.

Coil and wire binding works well for promotional notebooks and catalogs—any item with a longer number of pages. You can also take advantage of our folding and cutting services for items like tri-fold brochures.

We’ll take the number of pages, the thickness of the paper stock, and the imagery into consideration when helping you decide which option is right for your project.

6. Other Equipment

Printing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A whole range of complementary services helps get your printed product from concept to the hand of your customer.

To ensure you get the best-printed product possible for your investment, TEAM also offers:

  • Pre-press software—designing your product

  • Pre-press hardware—proofing and plate making

  • Rubber stamp making

  • Pantone digital ink mixing

  • Shrink packaging

  • Envelope stuffing

  • Delivery services

We take a holistic approach to the printing business at TEAM, aiming to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for all your printing needs.

Get the Most Out of Your Master Printing Experience

Only the most professional printers provide master printing services that live up to the name. Whether you’re looking for digital color printing or folding and bindery, ask to see samples, get quotes, and only work with companies willing to answer all your questions.

Chicago-based TEAM Concept Printing strives to provide premier service and project results for every client. We continuously monitor the printing industry, identifying and incorporating new techniques and technologies into our business. This helps our clients turn projects around faster and keep that bottom line low.

Explore our services today!
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