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Why Printed Brochures Are Still High-impact Marketing Materials

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In the modern technological era, when everything is transmitted via screens and high-tech devices it can seem like more traditional forms of advertising are no longer as useful for businesses. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Printed marketing materials like a simple printed brochure can still have a huge impact. As much as 82% of Americans still trust print ads, even over the internet. Printed brochures can help you add to your marketing campaign in so many great ways, which we'll cover in this article.

If you're interested in finding out about the benefits of creating and using printed marketing materials for your business's marketing campaign, then keep reading below to discover more information.

Why Is a Printed Brochure Still Effective?

Printed brochures can elevate your marketing campaign. Whether you use them as a sole form of advertising or in conjunction with a larger marketing campaign, a printed brochure produces far-reaching results even today.

With up to 85% of consumers reading print brochures to learn about a new business, you've already got a powerful tool at your disposal. But it gets even better. A printed brochure offers 4 key benefits that online ads don't.

Offers Targeted Marketing and Delivery

Humans are largely visual learners. TV and internet ads are plentiful, but they flash by in seconds and are easy to tune out. A printed brochure is a tangible form of advertising that gets noticed.

A potential consumer may pick up a brochure while shopping in a store. They will see the graphics and words and it still manages to catch their attention. Even if they don't read it then, they may tuck it into a pocket or bag and take it with them to go over later.

You're offering them information in an easy-to-view tactile form that they can view at their leisure. This gives them a better opportunity to connect with the information on their terms, which serves as a more passive and organic marketing approach.

Provides a Unique Impression

When you only have 7-10 seconds to make an impression on your consumers, you want something that will get the job done right. Each view of a printed brochure creates an impression of your business's brand in the minds of your consumers.

Modern printing techniques and inks also give printed brochures a more dynamic appearance. Printed brochures can feature bold colors and eye-catching graphics. You can use embossing and foil printing with different paper types to make your printed brochure design stand out.

They don't even have to follow the standard rectangular brochure designs. Printed brochures can take on all new shapes and styles featuring distinctive formats like cutouts.

Versatile Advertising Medium

A printed brochure can be used in a variety of different advertising and marketing campaigns as well. You can implement printed brochures in direct mail marketing campaigns through your local post office or marketing agency. 

Printed brochures are ideal for door-to-door canvassing if you're running for a political office and want to leave information about your platform to potential voters. You can hand it directly to the person or leave it on their doorstep. 

You can leave stacks of pamphlets in other local businesses like retail and grocery stores for people to pick up and browse through. 

You can also use them for face-to-face talks, networking events, and demonstrations. Pass them out for consumers to read during the event or take on their way out to find out more information on your business.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Advances in printing mean you can now have stacks of crisp, professional-looking printed brochure materials in a snap. This also means you can pay less for your printed brochures than you would for an internet or TV ad. 

The total cost will depend on factors like the number of printed brochures and the types of printing methods you choose. A professional printing business will be able to give you a more precise quote for your exact printed brochure needs.

Research shows that the average print brochure is kept for around 38 days. This gives your printed brochure unprecedented opportunities to make an impact. There's a 23% chance that during this time it may be shared with other friends or family members, giving you prime exposure for a lower cost.

Tips for Creating Your Brochure Designs 

When creating a printed brochure, there are some tips you should follow. After all, you don't want to spend the time, money, and effort on making a printed brochure that doesn't look its best.


If you use a color scheme for your business's website and social media accounts, make sure this also translates to your printed brochures. This will help consumers with viewing a more uniform branding across all mediums.

Certain colors are used in marketing to elicit certain psychological responses from consumers. For example, the color blue is used to promote a sense of relationship trustworthiness amongst consumers and businesses. The color green is used to highlight a business that focuses on health and growth.


You'll also want to ensure that your logo is clear and visible multiple times throughout the brochure. It should be enough to achieve proper exposure and brand impression without being too much.

If your business's logo use is overdone, it may be seen as annoying or unprofessional and quickly turn consumers off to your brand.


Only use clear, professional, high-quality photos for your printed brochure. Avoid low-resolution photos that will blur and distort during the printing and resizing process.

You want your brochure photos and graphics to be in hi-resolution color. This will catch the attention of people walking by and entice them into reading it.


The readability of your printed brochure is of the utmost importance. You'll need to provide the information in simple wording. Don't use big terms that may be difficult to understand.

Avoid large sections of text as well. This could put people off from reading the brochure if it looks too complex. Break it up into smaller paragraphs of 2-3 sentences and use bullet points to highlight key features or focal points.

The size of your lettering should be easy to read with minimal effort. Don't bold and capitalize every word in an effort to get attention and emphasis. Use a clean font that isn't overly decorative to the point of being illegible.


Choose Team Concept Printing for Your Printed Brochures

Printed brochures speak volumes about your business for you. But you don't want a plain and flat brochure that looks like everyone else's. You want a printed brochure that takes your brochure design to the next level and sets your business apart.

Team Concept Printing believes in going the extra mile to make your brochure designs stand out in the best possible ways. Our paper and inks offer a dynamic appearance for your printed marketing materials. We can use innovative special effects to create designs that pop.

Contact us today to get started on your printed brochure marketing campaign.

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