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5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Printer

All printing companies are not created equal. Far too often businesses opt for the most convenient printing service rather than finding a partner that fit their specific needs. By doing your research and making the right choice in your commercial printer, you can save your business plenty of time, headaches, and money! 

With thousands of commercial printing companies to choose from, you may find yourself confused or overwhelmed when selecting a partner. With so much competition, extensive research is vital, but luckily, we at TEAM Concept Printing are here to help! Read on for 5 key traits to look for when choosing a commercial printer for your business: 

1. They Can Deliver Everything You Need 

Not all printing companies are going to be able to deliver what you want. Whether it's constraints on their energy, on their time, the size of their facilities, the amount of staff they have, or the fact that they do not really print the amount that you need on a regular basis--these are all factors to take into consideration. 

If you need a company that has their own manufacturing facility, then look for a company that has that. Check their website to see if they have details about their service. Remember, each company is different and run differently. You're going to need a company that can meet your company's needs, from service to material quantity, to type of material and frequency. 

Another essential factor to look for in a commercial printer is the quality of its printing equipment. Do they keep up with the latest printing technologies? Can they fulfill large quantity orders in a short period of time? Do they have specialized equipment that allows them to print back to back simultaneously? Ask yourself these questions before moving forward! 

2. Proven Track Record 

Everybody makes promises when business arrangements are made. Unfortunately, not everybody keeps them. Be sure to listen to claims about technology, services, and so on, but then look behind all that to see how a printer has delivered for clients in the past. Performance beats promises every time. 

If you are considering a commercial printer, ask to speak with customers or read any testimonials. Explore their website for past samples of similar projects you’re looking for. Also, ask how long they have been around! If it’s a long time, it is likely that they have adjusted well to new technologies and had lots of repeat business.

3. Reasonable Pricing 

As compared to other factors, price is usually the main concern of many businesses. Despite that, we advise you to NOT just choose the commercial printer that has the lowest price. While choosing a cheap printer may save you money in the short term, the problems it could cause could severely impact your business. 

We suggest that you find a commercial printer that commits to a high quality of work at a reasonable price. It is essential to recognize that quality comes with a price, but you need to get what you pay for. So make sure the technologies and services make your product or customer service better. 

4. Strong Customer Service 

Every printer wants to win business, and will say good things during a sales call. What you really want is someone who becomes a part of your project and is there to see it all the way through. A good commercial printing partner is as interested as you are in the quality completion of a project. 

Ask to meet your customer service representative, and ask if you can talk to any current customers. Get a feel for their experience, knowledge and style. Are they responsive to questions and requests? Do they treat clients with respect at every stage? Will they collaborate to come up with optimum solutions to problems? 

In this business, communication is crucial. You want a company that will make decisions after consulting you and will be able to deliver what you need because they heard what you want. Collaboration is a strength for any company, so look for a printer that will be able to listen and communicate effectively. 

5. Trustworthy Representation 

A good-looking website is always a plus when it comes to researching companies because it provides you with quite a bit of helpful information. Sites will usually have tabs that you can click on to find out more about the types of printing they frequently do. There will also be contact information and directions to their business. 

Also, company history should be highly considered when selecting the best commercial printer for your company. The numbers in the years might not always mean that they are better than new commercial printing companies but it might prove something about the quality of their work and expertise in the printing industry.

There is no perfect criteria to use in selecting your printing partner. Your company’s requirements might be different from other companies. Commercial printers will not just be your ordinary supplier but also be your long term partner in business so take the time to research before you decide. An efficient commercial printer can help you grow your company!

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