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A Message from Tony Rouse

As we head into the start of the Holidays, I wanted to drop our community a brief note of gratitude and to share a little bit of what is on my mind.   
Thanksgiving reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings. I want to start by saying Thank You to everyone at TEAM Concept Printing for how you represent us and for everything you do to create great work. To our clients and industry partners, thank you for the trust you put into TEAM Concept Printing and for the inspiration you provide us day in and day out.   
Here are some specific items and trends in our business that we are all very grateful for. I wanted to share them with you directly. The order I have listed is what is currently top of mind, all of them are pretty important to us.
Although there are some Fall spikes
in COVID, I believe many businesses adapted to operate in the new world
and are optimistic about 2021 and the upcoming vaccine.
I'm thankful that as I write this, there are less than 6 weeks left of 2020! #F2020
TEAM Concept Printing was approached by the Hairy Ant Screen Printing Co to create a “Holiday Edgy” greeting card. We believe we captured the spirit of the Holiday and 2020.
We are thankful as hell that we are #TEAMtough and moved forward with our expansion and new equipment purchases.
In early October we welcomed a brand new Rollem Insignia 7 die cutting machine.
In ongoing efforts to improve of capabilities we purchased and installed a new KOMORI 40 inch press.
We are thankful for the 2020 brand message we created and for the collaboration that we have with our sales TEAM and our marketing firm Trend North.
We had a seamless expansion because our construction partners are true pros! 
We are grateful for the employees who have continued to work even with all the fear around them. They truly inspire us.
We are thankful that our TEAM have muscled through having to work with masks and gloves on and have embraced many new safety protocols.
I am thankful that every single day we know the sun will rise and a new opportunity will be upon us and that our TEAM is ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.
These are just a few of the many different things that I am grateful for. On behalf of my family at home and my family at TEAM Concept Printing have a great Thanksgiving!
Tony Rouse
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