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5 Print Marketing Ways To Connect With Your Customers During The Holiday Season

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that connections and human contact matters. The daily realities of the pandemic have taken many social and relationship connection tools away from us. Face-to-face meetings, drop-in visits, causal coffee meetups, business lunches, client dinners, and conferences have all been replaced by Zoom. Despite our ability to adapt to the Zoom world we live in and the efficiencies it brings, we are all social creatures and need interaction and group settings to feel involved. Now more than ever business development professionals need to focus on how they make their presence felt from afar and show extra appreciation to their customer base. 

Here are five methods, tactics, and techniques on how you can leverage an effective print marketing campaign to connect and re-connect with your customers during the holidays.   


Expand The Timeline & Start Early 

Every year the race to start the Holidays begins a little earlier. Thanksgiving used to be the new starting point. To effectively engage your customer base, you need to stand out even earlier than that. Here are some well-timed print marketing pieces that some of TEAM Concept Printing’s most successful clients utilize to get ahead of the curve:

  • Welcome to Q#4 Cards: These are simple sports-themed-like cards that have a positive message about “finishing strong” or “closing the year on a positive note.” Setting up your card copy with a custom variable print design will get your card noticed. 

  • Holiday Cards and Christmas Cards That Actually Arrive On Time:  The most effective time to have your holiday cards arrive at their destination is between December 7th and 13th. In most cases, this will accommodate for everyone of every faith to see them and they will be on display for the entire season. 


Send “Stand Out From Crowd” Print Items 

Your customer base will receive more printed material within the 4th quarter than in the three other quarters combined. It is crucial to make your pieces stand out with unique finishes, foils, varnishes, stamps, and other unique LUX FX features. See specific examples of LUX FX features.


Communicate “The Year That Was” With High-Quality Newsletters

Customers want to know what is going on in your world as well. Creating a high-quality printed newsletter that is sent to your top customers will gain their attention and show how appreciative you are of their business. Yes, the newsletter can be emailed or placed online, and it should be for marketing reasons, but leading with a quality printed copy will gain additional impressions.  


Gift Forward-Looking Calendars & Other Branded Time Management Tools 

Helping your customer base see what’s in store for them is powerful. It will build your relationship with them because you are providing hope and positivity for bigger and better things to come. Gifting desk-sized calendars, custom day-timers/planners, or high-end branded Moleskins will set you apart from anyone else because it shows that you want to be a part of their future success. 


A Simple Thank You Note

Nothing is stronger than a Thank You Note. Taking the time to handwrite a strong message of gratitude goes for miles in the mind of the receiver. Make sure your cards reflect the type of quality and class that you want your organization to be known for. Make sure your card stock is thick and that your name or company image is embossed on the cards. 

Just to show the power of a Thank You Card check out the YouTube clip Dear Peyton. If you don’t shed a tear or get somewhat emotional you need to check your pulse.      

If executed well, these ways to connect with your customers during the holiday season will go a long way in expressing your appreciation and nurturing healthy customer relationships. Explore all of the print marketing options TEAM Concept has to offer to help you stand out this holiday season.
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