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How to Design Creatively With Die Cutting Options

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Have you ever put your business card into a raffle, hoping to win a free lunch? Next time, glance at the many sterile, white, perfectly rectangular business cards vying for attention. If even one of those cards was a slightly different shape, imagine how the odds of winning would shoot through the roof—and that's assuming the person choosing the card isn't even looking! 

All that to say, a unique business card can help you and your business stand out in any situation! Every project will pop with the dynamic die cutting options from TEAM concept printing.

Attracting business and interest is easy when clever design meets the element of surprise! We've created this guide to help explain the versatility and dynamism possible with die cutting technology.

Continue reading to discover what die and digital cutting can do for your brand. 

What Is Die Cutting?

Imagine a standard business card. While your new business card might begin as a white rectangle, TEAM Concept thinks of it as a canvas. Die cutting allows our designers to remove material, creating a streamlined new shape. 

Die cutting involves the use of a steel blade in a chosen shape. When we press it into paper, it cuts through so we can remove the shape. It leaves crisp negative space behind. 

For example, designers can use a circular die to create a round window in the center of a brochure or pamphlet. They might use a corner die to create a sleeker business card, changing the contour to have rounded corners. You can use a zig-zagged die to cut stair-stepped edges into a presentation folder's pocket. 

You aren't limited to standard shape options, however. With digital cutting, we can achieve a new level of detail and complexity. Imagine a complex cutout in the style of Mexican Papel Picado or Jewish paper cutting. We can cut nearly any product into the shape of your brand's logo, your founder's face, or your mascot's silhouette. 

In other words, die cutting is an exciting way to add windows, flaps, contours, holes, and shapes to your marketing materials. Our state-of-the-art tools mean nearly anything you can dream up is possible. 

Other Die Cutting Applications

When we describe die cutting, we usually refer to the machine's ability to cut through paper, cardstock, or cardboard. That is "through cutting," one of our most popular applications. These machines are precise, however, and capable of other applications that can add interest to your designs. 

Die cutting technology can also create perforations, scoring, and flexible creasing, adding another level of versatility to your custom-cut projects. 

With perforation, you can create a flier with tear-off coupons or a presentation folder with an attached, easy-to-remove business card. For conferences, you might include a welcome card with tear-off wifi information. You can even mail invitations to a party with rip-away drink tickets pre-attached! 

Scoring and creasing make three-dimensional elements possible. You can embrace the fun of your favorite children's pop-up books in your marketing materials! Create sculptural designs that surprise and delight, drawing positive attention to your business. 

You might create pockets, slits, or other spaces to insert giveaways or surprises. With die cutting, there are infinite ways to add joy and an element of the unexpected to your assets! 

What Can I Create With Die Cutting? 

Curious about how to add visual appeal with die or digital cutting options? Here are a few ways our customers have embraced this technology to add flair to their materials. 

  • Custom magnets in the shape of your logo

  • Event invitations in the shape of a company mascot

  • Brochures with windows so you can see the logo on every page

  • Die Cut large format letters for lawn signs

  • "Big Head" cutouts of celebrities or athletes

  • Logo fans for outdoor events

  • Elaborate lacework on invitations

  • Business cards in any shape 

  • Presentation folders with shaped pockets

  • Custom stickers in any shape

  • Papel Picado-inspired restaurant decor

  • Direct mail templates in an eye-catching shape

  • Product tags with your logo's contours

Our automated processes allow us to produce up to one million pieces in a single run, with an efficient turnaround window. Our high-tech printing expertise means that all projects can be in full color. Any product you can imagine will only benefit from our high standards

In many cases, we can use die cutting along with TEAM Concept's other special effects and technologies. Consider incorporating embossing, edge painting, or even raised ink. They add compelling sensory elements that draw customer attention, leading to brand recognition and sales. 

You don't have to think small, either. While die-cut business cards are great, our large format projects are visible from miles away! Consider lawn signs, photo booth props, "big head" signs for ball games, and even masks! 

We cut every project, no matter the size, with the utmost precision and attention to detail. You'll be proud to distribute these marketing assets to your customers! 

Stand Out From the Competition With Die Cutting

If you're investing in high-quality marketing assets, you're investing in your brand. Don't design boring materials that will end up in the trash! With the exciting die cutting options from TEAM Concept Printing, every project becomes an eye-catching and creative tool that captures attention and builds relationships. 

The design process begins when you contact a professional with TEAM Concept Printing. You can start by requesting a quote. An associate will reach out and help you design your next eye-catching project.  

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