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What is Effective Packaging?  

When it comes to packaging, we at TEAM Concept Printing are committed to helping you unpack your creativity. To us, good packaging is convenient, attractive, economical, communicative, and environmentally friendly. We never begin the distribution process until all these standards are met. Custom printed labels, boxes, product packaging and 3-D marketing materials are often the first things prospective customers see when making purchase decisions. With our vast array of special effects and enhancements, we can help you apply all kinds of unique brand-specific ideas to produce highly creative packaging for retail products, dimensional mailers, trade shows and events, and any other uses you can imagine.


Whether you are considering small folding cartons, large-printed shipping boxes, or anything in between, we can work with a variety of shapes, colors, materials and sizes to help make your boxes and other materials pop. Working from your concept, our experts will be sure to help you create an exterior so enticing, your audience will not be able to wait to see what is on the inside. Thanks to our commended #1Site Commitment, all these eco-friendly, industry-leading pieces are created completely under one roof! Read on to see some of the ways we achieve effective product packaging!


When it comes to boxes, 3-D packaging, and other dimensional work, experience is everything. Our team has adopted the #TEAMTough Philosophy to stay strong during a troubling time and to finish projects promptly. Our experts make sure your designs are not only visually compelling, but they will also make sure your packaging can be cut, folded, assembled and printed in a way to ensure they will be fully functional in the real world. The results are designs with form and function that will turn heads. Our award-winning crew only create boxes and other dimensional packaging that adhere to our standards of best-in-class service.


We offer customization so you do not have to settle for stock sizes that are incorrectly measured, and we can perform both short and long print requests to fit your unique needs. Furthermore, we work with the finest materials available and utilize our state-of-the-art printing processes so that your boxes and packaging can be assembled quickly, but with guaranteed top quality. The advanced technology of our presses and software capabilities allows us to use LUX fx finishing to bring your product to life. Also, our long-standing in-house expertise makes us one of the few facilities that can perform all the print, die cut and conversion of a quantity in-house. 


We offer a wide variety of packaging that can help you develop your own unique brand. Mailer boxes function as a colorful, durable, and stylish form of shipping for your products and materials. They are perfect for subscription boxes, gift boxes, and e-commerce packaging. Our custom shipping boxes are sure to stay strong and supportive during their journey. While they are often used for shipping heavy items, they are also an excellent opportunity to promote your brand. Additionally, our folding cartons have an abundance of uses, and we can help you command attention on retail shelves or anywhere you need to make a statement.


Finally, our dedicated in-house pre-press team will review the box or other packaging designs you submit to see if there might be any technical concerns and apply the finishing touches. As always, we will be happy to work with you to solve any printing concerns and walk you through the entire process. After we have helped you create the high-quality box, packaging, label or 3-D piece you’re looking for, that is when the special effects and enhancements that have made us famous really shine. From metallic foil, to raised ink and other heavy substrates, there is nobody who puts on a finishing touch like TEAM Concept Printing. Ask us about how you can take your next project from good to great with post press finishing.



TEAM Concept Printing is a recognized leader within the custom printing industry. Their presses run 24 hours-a-day to deliver on the tightest deadlines and their attention to detail allows them to provide outstanding finished products to all clients. Best of all, their wholesale direct pricing allows print brokers, agencies and designers to offer one-stop custom print and mail capabilities at a competitive rate. If at any point you would like to see our #TEAMTough philosophy or #1Site Commitment in person, please contact us at any time. For more information, follow TEAM Concept Printing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Indeed or visit our website at


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