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#TEAMTough in 2021

Whether it be physical or emotional, the global pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. It has affected our psyches, families, incomes, careers, communities, and has forces us to adapt in ways we could have never imagined. While it is tough to pretend that 2020 was a typical year, it is important to look back on the good things that have come out of it, and for TEAM Concept Printing, the adoption of #TEAMtough philosophy has been critical. In the blog, we will commemorate moments of resilience, adaptability, teamwork, and dedication from across the company throughout the year, celebrate what we have achieved together, and look forward to what we have in store for 2021!

It is inspiring to see how a tough situation brings our the "toughness" in those around us. At TEAM, we are facing this challenge not by saying "why us" but by saying "try us". We are hopeful that this tumultuous time will build tougher families, friends, neighborhoods, and countries. Whether it is the courageous efforts of our healthcare providers, workers at essential retail businesses, teachers, first responders, restauranteurs, or anyone that has accepted the challenge of social distancing, we are inspired by you and thank you. Like many of you, we at TEAM will come out of this hungrier and tougher than ever before.
We are proud to say that in 2020, we were #TEAMtough. We are thrilled to see our efforts and strategic investments come together as quickly as they have. Especially during the pandemic, many businesses are simply trying to survive, but we are leaning into this as an opportunity to better serve the needs of our discerning trade and retail customers. They are looking for print providers who can manage a campaign from start to finish. We are incredibly proud of our TEAM. They inspired us to make these investments. All the equipment is great, and the facility is nice but without them this expansion does not happen. This is really at the core of our #TEAMtough mindset, which highlights the way our business has banded together with the communities we serve to overcome adversity.

Additionally, we received national recognition for our efforts in 2020. A big thanks to everyone at Printing Impressions and to Mark Michelson for the time they put into the Annual List of Top Commercial Printers. It is a wonderful resource for all of us at TEAM Concept Printing. Despite all the challenges that 2020 presented us, we are proud to say that our TEAM worked incredibly hard to move up TEAM Concept Printing up to number 203 in the national rankings. We moved up 28 spots in the rankings and are excited to see where we land next year. Reference that article here.

Thanks to our reliable construction partners, 2020 was a year of seamless expansion at TEAM Concept Printing. In ongoing efforts to improve capabilities, we purchased and installed a new KOMORI 40-inch press, Rollem Insignia 7 die cutting machine, LED/UV Curling System, MBO 550 Rotary Die Cutter, Kluge Folding/Gluing Omnifold Gluing System, Chameleon Folder Gluer 920MXX, and a new Horizon Perfect Binder BQ-270V. To make room for the equipment we are expanding our Chicagoland head office and print facility to nearly 60,000 square feet. The expansion plan includes a new dedicated client services center, a product display showroom, and a state-of-the-art fulfillment center. The new facility furthers our commitment to TEAM's "One-Site" commitment. In addition to the great service and results that our clients have come to expect from us the investments listed above will enhance our capabilities for longer run jobs, packaging, pocket folders, key cards, and enhanced die cutting.

Now that 2021 is upon us, we intend on getting even tougher! In the coming weeks you will see news from us regarding our investments in more state-of-the-art equipment, facility enhancements, creative partnerships with print associations and other strategic moves that we are excited about. We look forward to seeing this pandemic out by continuing to follow state-legislated protocol because safety is our top priority. We will not let outside forces keep us form achieving our company aspirations and are excited to see what we will accomplish. Throughout our company's history, this is always how we have approached big challenges. Simply put, it is how we will rise to meet this challenge.

When we come out of this, TEAM Concept Printing will be here tougher than ever to support your business, marketing, and community needs. Stay tuned for more from Team Concept Printing on how we are rising to the challenge in front of us. If at any point you would like to see our #TEAMTough philosophy in person, please contact us at any time. For more information, follow TEAM Concept Printing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Indeed or visit our website at www.teamconceptprinting.com/
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