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TEAM Concept Printing’s #1Site Commitment

Now more than ever, attention to quality and detail is everything. The only way to ensure this level of care is by carrying out all forms of production under one roof. Our presses run 24-hours a day to deliver on the tightest deadlines in the industry. Our wholesale direct pricing allows print brokers and agencies to offer one-stop custom print and mail capabilities at a competitive rate. Most importantly, all our projects honor our #1Site commitment. What does that commitment entail? Over 200 pieces of printing equipment, a 60,000 square foot fulfillment center, multiple large-scale KOMORI presses, MGI Jetvarnish foil press allocated to our LUX fx finishing service, and a full-time prepress department. One Location. One Facility. One TEAM. Why is our #1Site Commitment important? In today’s world, customers expect high-quality and customized products delivered promptly. The most efficient way to achieve this level of excellence is by keeping all facets of the production in one location. As a single source supplier, TEAM Concept Printing minimizes errors and cuts down on time of production significantly. We are a one-stop marketing shop offering a strong brand reputation, a willingness to collaborate, and the eagerness to manage your entire job from start to finish. Read on for a more detailed description about what is going on at one of the most dynamic printers in the country.

Printing Capabilities

TEAM Concept Printing provides custom printing for the pros. When professionals need a resource for the highest-quality print materials they come to us. Best of all, our wholesale direct pricing allows print brokers and agencies to offer one-stop custom print and mail capabilities at a competitive rate.

Conventional Offset Color

We make no compromises with the finest collection of conventional offset presses on the market. Our larger sheetfed presses are a must for longer runs. Providing consistent, rich color, sheet-after-sheet, we offer access to some of the best equipment available. And for smaller projects, our 2-color, 4-color and 6-color presses ensure your project is top quality.

Our flagship Komori Lithrone GL640 press promotes eco-friendly printing by reducing energy requirements, consumable usage, and lowering the carbon footprint of your print jobs. With a maximum speed of 18,00 sheets per hour, it is the ultimate high performance printing machine. Everyone is faced with growing pressure to be environmentally responsible. Our Komori Lithrone GL640 6-color press was designed to minimize preparation, waste, and overall production time without sacrificing the unmatched quality of conventional offset printing. It offers high efficiency and quick response to short delivery deadlines. Also, by reaching stable color within 20 sheets of start-up the GL640 dramatically reduces paper usage. The GL640 is an environmentally responsible machine that delivers unwavering performance, excellent print quality and support for high added value. 

Additionally, Our Komori Lithrone SX29 is a fully automated press featuring 6-color printing plus a coating tower for increased flexibility. In-line coatings allow for flood UV, spot UV, strike-through spot coatings, gloss and satin aqueous and soft touch coatings. The UV inking function eliminates the need for drying time, as press sheets are immediately dry upon output. UV inks will not fade in sunlight, producing strong, vibrant colors that last. A Packaging Powerhouse. The SX29 accepts up to 32-point thickness, making it ideal for a variety of specialty packaging needs, or when very heavy paper is needed. Multiple materials can be used, including plastics, films, foils and a variety of other substrates.

Digital Color and Embellishments 

Our expanded digital capabilities allow for short runs and quick turnaround with amazing quality, 3D varnish, foil finishing, and variable data. Our HP Indigo offers the best of both worlds, combining offset quality with the benefits of digital, including short runs and variable data. With the ability to handle various substrates, its white ink capability makes vivid color possible on transparent, metallic and colored media. And a robust color management system makes the Indigo best in class for color accuracy and consistency, allowing for expert color matching and PANTONE® emulation.

Our Kodak NexPress digital production color press offers superior photographic image quality. Its high-definition inks deliver flat tints, richer deeper black, and exceptional consistency. The fifth imaging unit also enables you to deliver high value communications to your customers with matte, gloss, UV or dimensional surface finishes. With more than 800 possible substrates, the

versatile NexPress ZX Platform is designed to print on the widest range of substrates. With offset press-like paper handling, a variety of sizes, weights, thicknesses, and surfaces can be printed with consistency and reliability. You will be able to print on coated and uncoated paper, plastics, magnets, and linen stock.


When clients want to add a subtle enhancement or slight element of emphasis to an incredibly special project, they utilize our thermography printing services. It is ideal when you want something to really stand out. As the sheet passes through a heating unit, thermo powder is dropped and melted to the ink, creating a luscious, raised effect. The process results in a stunning piece that is dry immediately upon completion.

We offer business cards, letterhead and stationery with the superior service and the special attention each job deserves. Your order is produced according to its individual needs and specifications, not ganged-up with other orders. Skilled technicians use the finest equipment to achieve sharp, accurate and vibrant color. And our presses are always running. So, you can count on fast turnaround too. Choose from eleven different standard card stocks and multiple finishing options – including thermographic raised ink – to make your cards stand out. And when it comes to letterhead or stationery, we always use laser safe thermograph powder to ensure compatibility with the widest range of desktop printers.

Post Press Finishing, Folding and Bonding

Post press enhancements can transform almost any piece from ho-hum to amazing. And we have the skill and equipment to do it right. Metallic foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, spot varnish, coatings and laminates are some of the ways we can make a masterpiece of long and short runs. Publish with quality from cover to cover. Depending on the number of pages, thickness of the paper stock or the image you want to project, a custom bindery job can add a unique flair to your final product. Ask about the best binding options for your document or publication.

Make centerfold stapled booklets, brochures, magazines, catalogues, soft cover books, and business publications with a strong spine. Whether you are looking for a high-end piece to promote a college or university, or you are printing product catalogs or staff training manuals, we can produce top quality saddle stitched documents and publications. From our Mueller Martini Saddle Stitcher to our Omega 2 High-Speed Stitcher and our Horizon Stitch and Folder SPF-200L, we have got the capacity and know-how to make your booklets look great! Certain projects call for the hefty strength and clean look of perfect-bound publication. So, our HorizonBQ-270V machine is at your service to meet quick turnarounds.

Special Effects and Finishes – LUX fx

Add some Wow! to your Marketing Materials and Packaging. High-quality finishing will make your next project really stand out. The right finishing techniques can make all the difference, and we have got the knowledge and experience to make your next project a huge success. Enhancements like metallic foil, UV or soft touch varnish, embossing, edge painting, and die cutting are just a few of the things we can do to turn your next job into a masterpiece. Transform your print projects with eye-popping sensory effects in a fast-paced, ever-changing print industry with increasing customer demands, differentiation is the key to achieving greater market share and longer shelf life. The ability to outshine the competition and deliver truly memorable products is the top priority. 


The growing appetite for digital embellishments stems directly from this need to stand out, and TEAM’s digital print technology continues to evolve to meet this demand. It is why we built our advanced suite of digital embellishment services—known as LUX fx. We understand that customers are continually inundated with marketing campaigns from all sides. That is why we always continue to add cutting-edge technology to our capabilities, so you can help any brand owner rise above the white noise through digitally enhanced, tactile print communications that add new and emotionally intriguing dimensions to their print projects.


Hot foil stamping and sleeking are dynamic special affects you can use when you need to make sure your print piece conveys high-quality effort, special meaning, and unique brand recognition. We can help you separate your materials from the standard white edge approach with these eye-popping, reflective and sensory effects that implement vivid color and unique texture. When your message is important enough to demand the attention of your audience, let our experienced technicians help your designs come to life with these unique special embellishments. Particularly useful for things like greeting cards, invitations and announcements, hot foil stamping, and sleeking can be used across all kinds of materials, whether with simple finishes like gloss or matte, metalized backgrounds like gold or silver, or dramatic holographic impressions in spot locations or full coverage.

Trade Printing, Kit Assembly, Mailing, and Fulfillment Services

We offer full-Service printing as a TEAM Concept Printing partner broker or agency. No matter what type of creative service you provide, we can help you offer world-class printing services as if they were your own. Our customer service representatives will help manage the process, so your clients have a seamless experience. In order to speed up delivery times, control costs and create more impactful projects, we have invested in building a world-class mailing operation to augment our robust printing capabilities. Our TEAM can help you print it, sort it, pack it and mail it on time.


If you are not using variable data to provide custom imprints and custom messaging on a piece- by-piece basis, we can help. Customized messaging and/or imagery adds a personal touch to your direct mail campaign that people respond to. Combined with our presorting services, we can help you maximize efficiency and get the most bang for your buck. Additionally, if you are looking to combine multiple items into a bundle or kit, we have you covered. We can drill it, fold it, pack it, weigh it and wrap it just about any way you need. And, if you need us to store and fulfill orders as needed - we will do that too. With a large warehouse, chances are we have got the square footage if you do not.

Green Printing

Going green is more important now than ever. The faster we can reduce our carbon footprint, the quicker we can allow our planet to heal. There are many misconceptions about the printing industry regarding paper manufacturing and environmental responsibility. While transitioning to more sustainable business practices takes time, eco-friendly printing is an excellent way to start. Eco-friendly printing is something everyone, including companies, can do right away to get stunning eco-friendly prints while saving the planet in the process. At TEAM Concept Printing, we take sustainability seriously.


Soy inks and recycled paper are two examples of how we are going green. Soybeans grow abundantly in many of the Illinois farm fields not far from our headquarters about 30 miles west of Chicago. For more than 25 years soy-based inks have been a sustainable alternative with rich, accurate color. These affordable non-petroleum-based inks are a win-win for people and our planet. That is why we are eager to use soy-based inks and recycled paper whenever possible, offering our customers a sustainable solution without compromising our commitment to quality.


In addition to these green practices, TEAM has recently partnered with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. SGP is a non-profit organization that certifies printing facilities’ sustainability best practices, including and beyond regulatory compliance. SGP advocates best practices and innovation among print community stakeholders, aligning the printing industry and its customers in the pursuit of a more accountable sustainable supply chain. Certification elevates a printer into an elite group of top sustainable printers, recognized by both print buyers and the printing industry.

Business Cards, Mailers, and Folders

You design it. We print it. Your business needs partners who can enhance your ability to serve your customers. For a printer, that means speed, flexibility, robust capability and the attention to detail to bring it all together. That is what we strive for every day. Put your logo on the advertising specialty Items that people want to keep. Everyone, including customers and prospects, love promotional items as giveaways and incentives. More than just “swag”, promo items are a great way to spread awareness for your business and stay top of mind.


Your business' image starts with your communication materials. Even something as simple as a business card should communicate the character, quality and value of your business or organization. Will yours leave your next potential client with a positive and memorable impression? If not, we can help ensure that it does. It seems like all that is in mailboxes today are bills and direct mail pieces from local businesses. Yet many of our customers still report direct mail offers exceptional return on investment. What makes the difference is our ability to combine expert capabilities and outstanding services designed to ensure your next direct mail campaign is a huge success.


A lot of us use folders in our everyday lives and never notice how they are constructed or designed. But you might be surprised to learn about the many different styles and varieties of folders that we can offer to make your business jump out from all the others—while lending it the credibility that comes with a professionally printed piece.

Announcements, Banners, Greeting Cards, and Calendars 

You have plenty of options when it comes to printing large format digital color, but when you go with us you can go bigger, you can go bolder, and you can leverage the expertise of the most knowledgeable people in the business. Custom printed marketing materials can make or break your big event. Invitations set expectations for important events like corporate meetings, award ceremonies, weddings and fundraisers. That is why we work hard to ensure that the printed materials at your next event are top quality. Whether you are spreading holiday cheer, expressing condolences, commemorating a special date, or fundraising for a good cause, custom calendars and corporate greeting cards effectively deliver your message.

Flyers and Publications

The importance of high-impact marketing materials that communicate effectively and facilitate business cannot be understated. We are experts when it comes to printing booklets, brochures and pamphlets that tell a brand story, or provide vital technical details in a way that makes a positive and memorable impression. Despite the popularity of e-commerce, catalogs are alive and kicking. In fact, many online orders are stimulated by offline publications. Many customers still depend on them, salespeople live by them and employees rely on them. That is why we are fully equipped to produce long format publications like catalogs, reference manuals, programs, journals and magazines. 

Boxes and Packaging

When it comes to packaging, unpack your creativity! Custom printed labels, boxes, product packaging and 3-D marketing materials are often the first things prospective customers see when making purchase decisions. With our vast array of special effects and enhancements, we can help you apply all kinds of unique brand-specific ideas to produce highly creative packaging for retail products, dimensional mailers, trade shows and events, and any other uses you can imagine. Whether you are considering small folding cartons, large, printed shipping boxes, or anything in between, we can work with a variety of shapes, colors, materials and sizes to help make your boxes and other materials pop. Working from your concept, our experts will be sure to help you create an exterior so enticing, your audience will not be able to wait to see what is on the inside.

#1Site Commitment

The one thing most important to us – your complete satisfaction. If that means constant supervision of your project through every step of the printing and finishing process, then that is what we will do. We know we are only as good as our last run, so to keep our clients coming back, we work hard to keep them happy. If we do not exceed your expectations, then we have not met ours. All these eco-friendly, industry-leading pieces are created completely on site as a part of our #1Site Commitment. If at any point you would like to see our #1Site Commitment in person, please contact us at any time. For more information, follow TEAM Concept Printing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Indeed or visit our website at www.teamconceptprinting.com/


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