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The Importance of High Quality Business Signage

76% of customers in a recent study from FedEx Office claimed that they chose to enter a store or business location solely based on the sign. Brand awareness will always be key to any business's success, and using effective business signage can be the difference between being recognized by potential customers or being passed by. Your brand is not just a logo, but consumers are quick to discount a service if it is not visually appealing. 

Signs are marketing tools used in every industry to share an incredible brand connection. Installed indoors and outdoors, signs work around the clock and are effective at drawing customer attention. If you ignore the benefits a high quality sign can bring to your business, you might miss out on customers and future capital. Luckily, at TEAM Concept Printing we take business signage seriously and here are five reasons why you should too! 

1) Increases Brand Awareness 

When it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers, you want your business signage to quickly and simply display what your brand is all about, so your signage needs to give a great first impression to anyone and everyone who sees it.

Effective signage not only increases the growth of the business, it also increases the number of customers who walk through your door. Placing business signage at the right place will help you to draw the attention of prospective customers. 

Brainstorm the best ways to portray your brand through your signage by including graphics, fonts, and colors that help you stand out from competitors in various places throughout the customer journey. This will allow you to push your customers closer to a sale without being pushy. Remember, with good signage, the smallest details can make all the difference in attracting people! 

2) Conveys Brand Character 

The choices you make in branding are important, and keeping consistency throughout your space is even more important. In the same FedEx study mentioned above, 52% said they would be reluctant to shop if the signs were not well done. What does this say to businesses? Signage is important, but making sure it fits your brand vision might be more important. So ponder this question. 

How can you ensure that your business signage reflects your brand’s character and identity? Working with a designer and following your band guidelines is imperative. Pay special attention to your logo creation, font size, colors, and the contrast between colors used on your signage. More interestingly, high quality and unique business signage will catch more attention of the potential customers, reinforcing your brand's presence in their heads.

3) Continued Exposure 

When you take the step of generating a quality sign, your business's signage will be up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, which is different from marketing promotions or advertising campaigns that run for a limited time. Their need to buy your product or services might not be immediate, but this continued exposure will make them think of you when the need arises. 

Signage is a one-time, up-front cost that can last almost indefinitely, making it a wise and lucrative investment of your hard-earned business dollars. Partner with all of the above reasons, and you have got a sure fire strategy that will lead you to better customer experiences and lower cost of acquisition. A good sign can stand the test of time and they are worth the investment to keep them up! 

4) Cost Effective 

As a business owner who might be trying to save money, you are probably thinking about advertising media such as radio, print, internet, email marketing, or direct mail. Signs are important for any business because they are inexpensive and highly cost-effective for marketing strategies. Signage is efficient in reaching out to the most desired customers as it promotes a quick recall on your customers. 

A common unit of measurement for calculating the cost-effectiveness of any advertisement is "costs per mille," or CPM, which measures the cost an advertiser pays for an advertisement to reach 1,000 members of its intended audience. The value of one on-site sign equals 24 full-page print ads per year. A single TV commercial has a CPM of around $9.82, compared to $0.02 for an on-premise sign. As you can see, a little investment can go a long way. 

5) Reaching the Right Audience  

To be effective, your signage must reach the customers you are going after in look, in feel, and in messaging. While businesses seek to break through the noise, once a customer is in your place of business, the only “noise” to break through is your own. While many forms of marketing impose upon the customer, consider the on-air commercial that breaks your favorite TV show, business signage 

helps the customer. 

When done right, it provides the customer with what they need and allows them, with your help, to be in control of their experience. It’s for this reason, that signs can and likely will turn potential customers into customers. It’s not pushy, and you are reaching the right audience nearly every time, which can not be said for other forms of marketing. TEAM Concept Printing are here to help you reach that audience and create the sign of your dreams!

Why Choose TEAM Concept Printing: 

When it comes to printing large or small format signage, your business has options. However, to ensure you receive the highest quality project, it's important to choose the most experienced and trustworthy company.

TEAM Concept Printing is a recognized leader within the custom printing industry and we’re here to help you reach your audience and create the sign of your dreams! Our large format digital color capabilities include variable-sized ink droplets that deliver finer details and smoother gradients in highlight areas, as well as crisp colors in the midtones and incredible density in shadows and areas of solid color.

Our presses run 24 hours-a-day to deliver on the tightest deadlines and their attention to detail allows us to provide outstanding finished products to all clients at a competitive rate.

To request a quote for your next business signage needs, request a quote today! Or to learn more about TEAM Concept Printing visit our website.

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