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Team Concept's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Printing 


Going green is more important now than ever. The faster we can reduce our carbon
footprint, the quicker we can allow our planet to heal. There are many misconceptions
about the printing industry regarding paper manufacturing and environmental
responsibility. While transitioning to more sustainable business practices takes time, eco-
friendly printing is an excellent way to start. Eco-friendly printing is something everyone,
including companies, can do right away to get stunning eco-friendly prints while saving
the planet in the process. At TEAM Concept, we take sustainability seriously.

When professionals need a resource for the highest-quality print materials they come to
TEAM. Printing presses run 24 hours-a-day so we can deliver on the tightest deadlines in
the industry. Our experience, knowledge and attention to detail enable us to produce
outstanding finished products, even the most demanding clients are proud to show as their
own. Best of all, our wholesale direct pricing allows print brokers, agencies and designers
to offer one-stop custom print and mail capabilities at a competitive rate. Your business
needs partners who can enhance your ability to serve your customers. For a printer, that
means speed, flexibility, robust capability and the attention to detail to bring it all together
and when we can do something to minimize any negative impact on the environment, we
do it.

What is Eco-Friendly Printing?

Sustainable printing balances business’ operational
needs against their environmental footprint. It involves the application of green
innovations in the main elements of the printing process to minimize the impact on our
environment. These green technologies help reduce pollution, waste, and energy
consumption during production. The key to sustainable printing is integration into the
larger business strategy. Implementing sustainable programs takes teamwork and
experience but can increase productivity and reduce costs while saving the planet. 

Our Sustainable Printing Methods

Here are some of the ways TEAM Concept is carrying out sustainable printing methods in
day-to-day operations:

Soy inks and recycled paper are two examples of how we are going green. Soybeans
grow abundantly in many of the Illinois farm fields not far from our headquarters about 30
miles west of Chicago. For more than 25 years soy-based inks have been a sustainable
alternative with rich, accurate color. These affordable non-petroleum-based inks are a win-
win for people and our planet. That is why we are eager to use soy-based inks and recycled
paper whenever possible, offering our customers a sustainable solution without
compromising our commitment to quality.

More eco-efficient printing technologies are on the rise. Innovators try to improve or come up
with fast and efficient printing methods that consume less energy and resources and produce less
waste. Waterless Printing, for example, is an improvement from traditional offset printing
which uses water to form non-images on the print. It produces VOCs or volatile organic
compounds and other hazardous substances as waste. However, waterless printing eliminates all
that. Instead of water, Waterless Printing uses a layer of silicon to repel the ink. This technique
does not release VOCs, reduces running time and waste, and offers a more extensive color range
and better image definition.

Digital printing technology is more advanced than ever, and the HP Indigo is the new standard in
excellence. TEAM Concept proudly owns a Kodak Nexpress, one of the printing industry's
most advanced digital offset press. Digital printing does not require a printing plate to complete
the job. The ink sits on the top layer of the substrate, so this process produces significantly less
waste than more conventional methods that require a plate. Our expanded digital capabilities
allow for short runs and quick turnaround with amazing quality, 3D varnish, foil finishing,
variable data, and is more eco-friendly than other methods.

Environmental initiatives, such as carbon offsets, cannot be implemented without accurate
measurement, optimization, and reporting. When it comes to print, the environmental
program must be designed for document processes that not only address reduction of overall
energy consumption, hard copy output and CO2 footprint, but also include future
recommendations. Integrated real-time data reporting and monitoring tools that provide
enterprise-wide visibility on sustainability performance are critical for documenting success and
reinforcing achievements with stakeholders.

With good asset management processes in place, you can easily keep track and identify
equipment that needs upgrading. At TEAM, we always look for environmentally friendly ways
to dispose of printers, fax machines and MFPs, including recycling toner cartridges and toner
bottles. Employee behavior is perhaps the single most important factor in successful
environmental sustainability practices. Training and education programs familiarize our
employees with procedures to improve processes, eliminate waste and ultimately achieve
performance targets.

In addition to these green practices, TEAM has recently partnered with the Sustainable Green
Printing Partnership. SGP is a non-profit organization that certifies printing facilities’
sustainability best practices, including and beyond regulatory compliance. SGP advocates best
practices and innovation among print community stakeholders, aligning the printing industry and
its customers in the pursuit of a more accountable sustainable supply chain. Certification elevates
a printer into an elite group of top sustainable printers, recognized by both print buyers and the
printing industry.

Sustainable printing is good for business and for society. All these eco-friendly pieces are
created completely on site as a part of our #1SiteCommitment. For more information, follow
TEAM Concept on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Indeed or visit our website.
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