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How Your Business Can Benefit From Using a Trade Printer

Small business owners spend as much as 40% of their valuable time on tasks unrelated to making a profit. 

Tasks to keep the business afloat, like payroll, marketing, and printing, can take up valuable time and resources that could be used more effectively. 

It makes sense that many businesses are opting to outsource things like printing to a more specialized trade printer that can produce all your printing needs more efficiently.

Read on to learn how a trade printer can benefit your business. 

What Is a Trade Printer?

A trade printer is a printing service that provides wholesale trade printing. Often a trade printer outsources to print sellers who work directly with a client or business. 

A print seller may provide other types of services like graphic design, custom marketing materials, or other promotional materials for clients. Then they bring the printing needs to the trade printer. 

Trade printers will have a wide range of printing capabilities. They should also be able to print in large quantities at a rapid rate. 

Who Uses Trade Printing Services?

A business might use trade printing services. However, it's more likely that the trade printer is being hired by a middleman who also works in some way in the industry. 

Trade printers will often provide services for:

  • Graphic designers

  • Design agency

  • Advertising agencies

  • Marketing agencies

  • Print brokers 

  • Copy shops 

Print resellers and other print shops will also likely take advantage of the volume and print expertise that a trade printer can offer. 

Prink Broker Partnership

The relationship between the print broker and the trade printer is important and beneficial for both parties. 

It's often unusual for the trade printer to have direct contact with the business they're printing for. Instead, the print broker works directly with the business and then comes to the trade printer with the work.

This is a relationship that matters to both. The trade printer, of course, gets the business. The print broker can keep clients happy and therefore bring more business into the trade printer. 

Caring for the end product, the printing, matters to both. 

Hiring a Trade Printer

When you're ready to hire a trade printer, there are several factors to consider. Let's take a closer look at what the trade printer should bring in services.


Anytime you hire another professional to provide services, the quality of their work is of utmost importance. You need to know that when you bring work for a client, it will be done with the same quality you would provide yourself. 

Ask the trade printer what services they provide. Also, ask to see samples of their work. This should give you a good feel for the quality of what they produce.


You also need to know that when you bring the trade printer a job, it will be done on time and correctly. You will count on their reliability to get the job done. 

Ask about their production volumes and how they handle big jobs. You might ask about their typical turnaround time for a job, so you know how much lead time they'll need to complete work.

Importance of the Client Relationship

A quality trade printer will be respectful of your relationship with your clients. You're bringing the client in; you don't want to ever work with a trade printer that would try to cut you out of the equation.

They should treat the work you bring to them like the client is their first-hand client and work to meet the order with quality and efficiency.

Expertise and Capabilities

You need to know you can rely on your trade printer as a professional consultant. You should be able to come to the trade printer with ideas and know they can provide ideas and even options.

This might include ideas for print style or paper options. The trade printer should review your files and then make suggestions.

Customer Service

You want to hire a trade printer offering only the best customer service. The trade printer should have a customer service representative available by phone to answer your questions and troubleshoot printing options with you. 

In today's technology-driven world, you should also expect to get some online support and information. You should be able to access your quotes and print status through an online portal. 

Production and Shipping

A trade printer should offer multiple production options. Sometimes you'll come with an order that needs to be done immediately. Other times you'll bring an order with some lead time. 

The same is true for shipping options. There is no reason to pay for an expedited service if you don't need it fast. You know there will be times when you need it, and you want to have those services available from the trade printer.

Customer Reviews

There's no better indicator of a quality business than the happiness of other customers. Either read online the reviews and testimonials of other users of the trade printer. 

If there aren't any online reviews available, don't hesitate to ask for references from the trade printer.

Quality Guarantees

Finally, you want to consider the quality guarantee of the trade printer. Ask how they handle an order if there are errors or print problems. 

You want to know you're hiring a trade printer willing to stand behind their work.

Use a Trade Printer for Your Business Printing Needs

A trade printer can save both a business and a print broker time and money with their specialized services. They can print in large quantities and quickly to meet the customers' needs.

Here at TEAM Concept, wholesale trade printing is one of our many specialities. For over 20 years, we’ve been able to provide unparalleled, white-label printing services to partner designers, brokers, and agencies across the country. 

With our team of experts and broad range printing capabilities, we guarantee timely turnaround on high quality printed materials that allow for generous margins. 

To learn more about our trade printing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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