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How Raised Printing Can Elevate Your Marketing Materials

In a world of technology, printed marketing still plays a surprisingly important role. In fact, if printed advertisements appeal to senses other than touch, they increase consumer motivation by more than 20%. So if you want to elevate your business, raised printing could be exactly what you need. 

Raised printing involves the text on your brochures, business cards, and other printed documents being raised. This enhances the text so it stands out, making it much more memorable for clients. 

To find out why you should be using raised printing for your marketing, check out the reasons below. 

Raised Printing Gives Your Marketing Materials a Unique Texture

Thanks to the unique texture raised printing gives your marketing materials, they won't quickly be forgotten. The slightly raised text creates a sensory experience for your clients that digital marketing simply can't offer. 

You should employ any strategy you can to make your marketing unique. Raised printing makes your text and logo jump off the page. This makes it easier for it to stay in the minds of your clients. 

People also respond well to touch and physical feelings. So, when they get an unexpected sensation after touching the raised printing on your brochures, it will draw their attention. This is exactly what you want from any marketing tool you employ, which is why raised printing is definitely worth a try. 

Give Your Clients Something Different

When people are trying to find a business to work with, they want to see that they will be offered a unique and interesting experience. As a business, you should be offering this from the very beginning, and that starts with your marketing. 

Your clients may not expect printed marketing, as so much is done digitally nowadays. This means raised printing will take them by surprise even more. They will enjoy the fact that your business has taken the time and effort to explore new and interesting means of marketing. 

Think of your printed marketing materials as the introduction to your business. Not only do you want to make a good first impression, but you also want to dazzle and stand out where you can. Raised printing does this successfully and you will see this in the reactions of your new (and old) clients. 

Raised Printing Looks Elegant

Raised printing adds a stunning touch of elegance to any of your custom-printed materials. From bold lettering to vibrant colors, your custom printing will look sophisticated with the help of raised printing throughout your marketing. 

Your printed marketing materials must have the right look. It needs to reflect your business by being high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Raised printing helps to provide the elegance your marketing needs to show the world that your business means business. 

Of course, you're in total control of how the final product will look! This means that if you want to go for fun or practicality over elegance, you can. You will have the final say when it comes to your raised printing options. 

Make What You Want Stand Out

From your name to your business contact details, raised printing is one of the best ways to get your marketing to stand out. You can make the details of your business that matter most to you stand out so that your clients never miss out on the important details.

You can choose which parts of your printed marketing are raised. This allows you to completely customize your marketing and emphasize the parts that matter to you. 

Team Concept Printing can help you to create unique raised printing marketing materials. You can rest assured that they will be of the high-quality and will impress anyone you chose to market your business to. 

Prospective Clients Won't Soon Forget Your Business

If you have experience in developing a marketing strategy, then you already know finding ways to hook new clients is a priority. Raised printing is a great way to make sure you and your business stay fresh in the minds of your clients.

Raised printing looks good to new clients in more ways than one. It proves to them that you care enough about business to invest in proper marketing tools. This shows them that they can expect the same high-quality treatment from you and your business. 

Because raised printing combines elegant visuals with a sensory experience, it's doubly effective when it comes to securing new business. Yours will be the company that people think of first thanks to this unique way of advertising. 

Get More Memorable Marketing

One of the most important parts of any marketing strategy is that it's memorable. If not, you run the risk of losing business to competition and being forgotten. 

That's where raised printing can help. This kind of custom printing is something many other businesses haven't employed in their marketing yet. Using raised printing puts you at a distinct advantage when it comes to creating memorable marketing. 

It's not only the unique texture that makes a document with raised printing stand out. The text itself will be enhanced and catch the light beautifully. You'll find your clients commenting on how beautiful your printed marketing materials look, and some may even wonder where you got them

Raised Printing Gives You Control Over Your Printed Marketing Materials

When you choose to market your business using custom printing, you've already upped your marketing game. Making your marketing personal and unique to your business is the best way for it to stay in the minds of old and new clients.

Raised printing takes your marketing to a whole new level. Your business name, logo, and information will stand out in an elegant way that makes it simply unforgettable. 

To find out more about your raised printing options, check out this page. Get in contact to discuss a quote for your marketing needs or to have all your queries answered.
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