August 2022 > Thermography Printing Capabilities: 6 Examples For Personal and Business Use

Thermography Printing Capabilities: 6 Examples For Personal and Business Use

In the current digital age, it may surprise you to learn more than 80% of internet users still trust print media when making buying decisions.

It’s possible you’ve noticed a beautiful business card or wedding invitation. It may have had shiny, raised lettering.

In that case, what you saw was most likely thermography printing. This printing technique adds exceptional beauty to your printing communications.

Keep reading to learn the six best ways to use thermography printing for your business.

How Does Thermography Printing Work?

Thermography is a special printing process. It involves using a combination of offset printing ink with powdered resin. Printers heat the resin so that it rises, therefore giving the ink a braised and textured effect.

Benefits of Thermography Printing

There are several advantages of thermography printing. It gives your special projects a subtle enhancement or slight emphasis.

People and companies use this method when they want to create attractive printed media. The technique helps their projects stand out.

Let’s look at six ways to use thermography printing for your business.

1. Business Cards

Thermography printing is perfect for adding something special to your business cards. It will give your cards an added texture. Also, it will make your business cards look more professional than usual.

It’s vital to put your best foot forward for your company and your brand. This printing method can help you stand out from your competitors. It will give your business cards an extra special look.

2. Greeting Cards

Thermography greeting cards can enable you to acknowledge important days for your clients or customers in a very special way. More importantly, they’re sure to attract extra attention. The raised ink leaves a great impression.

With this printing method, your card recipients will find your greeting cards more meaningful. They’ll know you went the extra mile to celebrate their special day or occasion. All it takes is the right choice of raised ink to make a big difference.

3. Mailers

Consumer and business mailboxes are full of direct mail pieces. Still, you can generate an exceptional return on your investment with direct mail.

Yet, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from other offers. By doing so, you can make your next direct mail campaign a big success.

Thermographic raised ink will make your next mailer campaign stand out. You’ll enjoy a better return on your investment.

4. Notecards

Notecards are somewhat like business cards. Raised ink on notecards for your business communications is aesthetically pleasing. It’s an excellent way to personalize your messages.

A traditional note card can look quite plain. With this printing method, however, you can make your notecards look snappy.

You could also consider interesting ideas to write on your notecards. For example, you could include:

  • Coming events

  • Fun facts

  • Miscellaneous information

Anything you can imagine beyond a simple “thank you” can make your notecards more meaningful.

5. Stationery

You can also use thermographic printing to add character to your personalized stationery. This is a good idea for both business and personal use.

This printing method can transform any piece of paper. It’s a fantastic way to get your letters noticed.

Thermography printing will showcase your professionalism. It will also show your customers or clients you have an eye for aesthetics.

6. Wedding Invitations

Suppose one of your employees is getting married. In that case, you can offer to pay for elegant and personalized thermography printed wedding invitations. This gift is an excellent perk that will build employee loyalty.

A wedding is a special event. This gesture will show you go above and beyond for your employees.

What’s more, raised ink on the invitations will add an element of surprise. They’ll add class and instant elegance to the invitation. Your employees will feel extra special because you made an effort to help them feel extraordinary on their big day.

Best Printing Techniques for Thermography

When using thermography in printing, there are a few things to consider for your designs. Firstly, plan your design for only one side of a sheet.

Without the proper techniques and capabilities, the resin on the back of a sheet may re-melt if the printer runs it through the machine a second time. This is why the best printing companies use a laser compatible process which prevents any melting from occurring.  

Also, avoid large areas of raised-ink coverage. Large areas of raised ink create an orange-peel-like texture.

More Printing Design Tips

You should also avoid gradients and thin strokes. These design elements may not adhere to your media properly.

Also, avoid thermography elements near the edges of a sheet. This is especially important in areas that bleed ink. It can cause pinching or wrinkling when the printer trims your media.

Finally, if your printing company doesn’t use a laser compatible process, it may be best to avoid small text in your thermography printing design. This is especially important when using delicate scripts. Small text is more susceptible to getting filled with melted resin.

Stand Out With Thermography Printing

You now know the six best ways to use thermography printing for your business.

If you want to step up your marketing game, Team Concept Printing and Thermography can help. We know first impressions make a lasting impact. You only get one chance to get it right.

Thermography printing is a fantastic way to give your marketing campaigns a beautiful first impression. We can help your media stand out from your competitors by giving it a unique sensory feel and a phenomenal appearance.

Feel free to request a quote for your next project today.

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