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Make Your Direct Mail Campaign More Exciting With Die-Cut Direct Mail

Even in the digital age, direct mail offers a higher ROI than online display ads and paid search advertising. Die-cutting can help make your direct mail campaigns even more effective.

If you're planning on making use of traditional advertising methods such as direct mail, you should put your best foot forward. Using die-cut direct mail can help your business stand out and get new customers more easily.

In this guide, we'll tell you why you should be using die-cut direct mail in your direct mail campaign.

What Is Die-Cutting?

Die cutting is a type of fabrication in which shapes are stamped out of a material with specialized tools.

A die-cutting machine makes use of a pre-made die with steel blades. These steel blades are used to cut into a material such as paper, cardboard, or cloth to make custom shapes and designs. For direct mail usage, the materials will usually be paper or another thin material that can easily be sent in the mail.

At the basic level, die cutting is simply a way to create duplicate shapes out of a material in an easy, streamlined way.

How Die-Cut Shapes Improve Your Direct Mail Campaigns

When used for direct mail campaigns, die-cutting can be very useful. Die cutting can help marketers create better and more interesting mailers.

Here are some of the ways that die-cut printing can improve a direct mail campaign. 

Die-Cuts Stand Out

One of the top benefits of sending die-cut direct mail is that it will stand out more. When compared to other types of mail a person receives, die-cuts draw attention and will be less likely to be ignored.

Because of the unique, custom shapes of die-cut direct mail, it can't be ignored as easily as typical mail can. Receivers of your creative die-cut mailers will be more curious and intrigued than they would be otherwise.

As a result, your mail will have better open rates. Your marketing messages are more likely to be seen by your intended audience.

Increases Brand Awareness

With die-cut mail marketing, you'll also have the advantage of building brand recognition as well.

Because there are so many different options for how to die-cut shapes for your mailings, you can create custom shapes that align with your brand. A machine can cut your mail into the shape of your logo, your product, or a symbol that's related to your industry. If you're selling tools, for example, you could have a die-cut mailer that's in the shape of a hammer or another popular tool.

The improved options you have for sending die-cut mail can be helpful for building your brand. Die-cut direct mail can make your business more memorable, even if a customer doesn't decide to make a purchase right away.

Die-Cut Designs Are Worth Keeping

When you use die-cutting to create mailers, you can also create unique designs that a recipient can interact with or that look interesting. Many people will want to hang onto the mailer simply because it looks interesting and unusual.

If your mail stands out a bit more and could even serve as a decoration, recipients might want to hold onto it or put it on their fridge or desk. If your mailer is interesting enough, your customers might hold onto it for a while and keep looking at it over the course of weeks or months.

Even if a recipient might not be ready to make a purchase when they first receive your direct mail, they'll stay familiar with your brand. They may be more likely to make a purchase later on.

Your Mail Will Be More Shareable

If the die-cut direct mail you send is interesting enough, your recipients might not remain quiet about it.

Recipients might share a picture of a great mailer on social media where your marketing message and brand can reach an even larger audience. This can have a great effect on your marketing efforts and can help you get a much better bang for your buck.

Even if they don't post about your mailer on social media, at the very least, they may show it to their family and friends. As a result, your business can get some great word-of-mouth and build brand recognition.

Show Your Professionalism

Not only will your direct marketing mailers seem more unique and creative than other mail but they'll also seem more professional as well.

With a great die-cut design, it will be clear that you put effort into your mailing campaign. Sending cheap postcards or flyers might not present your company in the best light. Die-cut direct mail, however, will seem much more professional to recipients.

Sending die-cut direct mail will say some great things about your brand and will show that you put effort into your marketing campaigns. It will show that you value the recipients of your direct mail.

Professional die-cut mailers will also demonstrate that you care about how you run your business in general as well. Recipients will likely recognize that you put effort into your business operations including providing great customer service and providing quality products and services as well.

Making the Decision to Send Die-Cut Direct Mail

When you send die-cut direct mail for a marketing campaign, you'll grab the attention of recipients and will make the most of your budget. Consider sending die-cut direct mail if you want to improve brand recognition, demonstrate your professionalism, and be more memorable overall. 

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