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7 Campaign Sign Ideas You Need to Include in Your Campaign Marketing


Whether you're running for a school board seat or setting your sights on a major political office, getting more eyes on your campaign signs is a primary goal. Your campaign sign ideas can make or break your campaign.

Based on research from a 2016 study, the use of campaign signs shows a 1.7% increase in points. While this may not seem like a lot, in a close race, it can mean the difference between taking the lead or coming up short. Elections have been won and lost by a mere one vote difference. 

Campaign signs are an integral part of your overall campaigning strategy, but how can you achieve the benefits of effective campaign signs? In this guide, we'll detail 7 campaign sign ideas and tips you can use to optimize your campaign sign design. Keep reading below to discover more.

1. Use Color to Your Advantage 

While the standard red, white, and blue color scheme can evoke a sense of patriotism for bigger elections, going down this route will only make your campaign sign blend into the landscape of all the other campaign signs. You want to stand out.

Color is a great tool to utilize for campaign sign ideas. Your campaign sign design should refer to applying a strategic use of color that psychologically taps into certain feelings in voters' minds. 

For example, blue on its own is a color that many large brands use because it is associated with trust, dependability, and strength. Yellow embodies warmth, clarity, and optimism. While green is attributed to growth, health, and peace. 

Focus on the attributes you want to convey with your campaign sign and tailor your color scheme accordingly to create the most effective campaign signs. Make your coloring uniform across all forms of your promotional political campaign materials

2. Pick Legible Font Choices

Campaign sign ideas also rely heavily on font choices. Readability is another big part of campaign sign design. Fonts used on your signs should always be clear and easy to read from a distance. 

Avoid using font sizes that are too small to see from a distance, but also don't use a font size that is so large that it completely overpowers your campaign sign. Using too large of a font can be seen as obnoxious and may turn potential voters off. 

Your font should also be legible with the type of font you use. Don't get too cutesy with your fonts as they will make you look unprofessional. Fancy script designs are hard to read and may look jumbled on your campaign sign.

3. Provide Contrast Between Your Font and Background Colors

When it comes to campaign design ideas, your colors and fonts should also complement one another. Don't use too many shades of blue on your campaign sign for your background and font, or it won't pop as much. 

A standard blue background contrasted with white lettering will show up much better. Adding a medium-level black outline to your font will also increase your wording's visibility for an eye-catching bold look that will get your campaign sign noticed. 

Complementary colors are those that are on the opposite sides of a color wheel. These colors provide the most specific contrast to one another if you really want to go for an even bolder contrasting appearance.

4. Keep Your Campaign Motto Short and Concise

In general marketing, it takes about 7 seconds to make an impression on a potential customer. In some cases, you may only have a fraction of a second. In a political campaign, you are essentially marketing yourself to your potential voters.

If they see your campaign sign while driving down the street, they may not have much time to connect with your message. So, if you opt for a slogan or political motto, brevity is your friend.

Your political slogan should be catchy and memorable while still being brief in nature. For great campaign sign ideas and inspiration, turn to history for the former Presidential campaigns of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who used the famous phrase "I Like Ike, while Lyndon B. Johnson used "LBJ All the Way."

5. Decide on Whether You Want to Use a Photo

You've probably seen a campaign sign design that utilized a photo of the candidate on the sign and one that just used words if a candidate chooses to go solely on their name and reputation. Both are prominent campaign sign ideas.

Whichever campaign sign format you decide to use is up to you. But with 65% of the population classified as visual learners, using an image on your campaign can greatly impact your overall campaign success. 

Putting your face out there helps voters to better associate a face to a name. Using a photo of yourself promotes further awareness of who you are in the minds of voters and enhances name recognition. Much like the custom colors, fonts, and text, you can also use them to establish an impression.

While some candidates may opt to add a photo of themselves posing with their family or their pets to show that they are more personable, you risk adding too much to your campaign sign that can look cluttered. Instead, choose a simple posed photo of yourself in business attire to look professional and polished.

6. Get Creative With Your Campaign Sign Design

Thanks to innovations in printing and die-cutting methods, you can take your campaign sign design to the next level. Creative campaign signs allow you to think outside the box. You no longer have to be restricted to a traditional plain and flat rectangular or square campaign sign design.

A campaign sign can now be printed and cut to take on a multi-dimensional design where it looks like your photo is popping out of the sign itself. Your campaign sign can also take on unconventional shapes, such as cutting out shapes in a static background or cutting around parts of your photo to form a silhouette that gets noticed. 

7. Determine Your Campaign Sign Sizes

The size of your campaign signs is also a crucial aspect of a campaign sign design. The most effective campaign signs are those that come in a variety of sizes for displaying in multiple locations throughout the canvasing area where they are permitted.

Everything from banners to lawn signs and billboards are all utilized during a successful campaign sign outreach.

  • 12" x 18" to 12" x 24" lawn signs create exposure for foot traffic, standby street traffic, or residential neighborhood viewing

  • 24" x 32" to 24" x 38" are useful for medium traffic areas between 35-45 mph

  • 32 "x48" signage for highway areas with high-speed traffic or long-distance viewing 

  • 48" x 60" to 48" x 96" billboards are ideal for higher impact areas and viewing from long distance

Using multiple campaign sign sizes helps you attain maximum exposure in your district or geographical region of interest. Large format color printing produces high-quality results.

Bring Your Campaign Sign Ideas to Life with Team Concept Printing

No matter what political office you may be running for, attracting attention is a top priority. In truth, even the most thoughtful policy positions are usually not enough to win an election.

Name recognition and awareness is critical to gaining the support of voters. By hiring a printing specialist to create high quality campaign signs you can ensure effectiveness in this goal.

When choosing the best method to spread the word about your campaign, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, TEAM Concept Printing offers just about anything you can think of to rally support. We'll get it done fast so you can spread your information far and wide.

Let TEAM Concept Printing help you get voters to the polls with high-quality, professional-grade campaign marketing materials. Find custom-printed campaign signs, literature, promo products, apparel, and more.

Contact Us today to request a quote for your campaign sign ideas.

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