August 2021 > Team Concept Printing: August '21 Newsletter

Team Concept Printing: August '21 Newsletter

A Message
from Tony Rouse

CEO & President TEAM Concept Printing

Hello, everyone! From all of us TEAM Concept Printing we hope that all is well in your world and that you are enjoying the final weeks of your summer season. We are pleased to share with our customers and industry partners that the momentum and optimism that I spoke of in late June is still present today. We are hearing many positive stories of business expansion and a return to a “new normal” from our customer base, fellow print providers, and suppliers. I believe the storm has slowly passed us and we are ready for sunnier days ahead.

Since we last connected here are some updates in our business:

Our eco friendly SGP certification is progressing well and at every stage of the process TEAM is passing it with flying colors. Special recognition to Vince Manini and our production TEAM for their work behind the scenes with this.

The publishers at PSDA have recognized us again for our creative marketing and industry contributions to the craft of printing. In the coming months you will see TEAM Concept Printing featured in different pieces about creative marketing and digital media.

Our business development TEAM exhibited at the ASI Show and we were asked to share sample pieces of our LUX fx, packaging and kitting work in the event showcase area.

We extended our relationship with PaperSpecs and proudly support their efforts to provide creatives more resources on how they can leverage the power of print. We are excited to be a lead industry partner for their December 2nd, 2021 event.

And last but not least, what I am just as excited about is that we are hiring and adding top shelf print, customer service and visual graphic pros to our TEAM. We have added additional resources to support our growing customer base.

Over the last six weeks we have showcased our unique ability to create and manage any type of print, fulfillment, and kitting project. Because of our size, centralized location, equipment list and experience we can handle any type of project. Our 1 Site Commitment (#1Site) is a battle cry for our TEAM. They are truly committed to keep your entire project with us. The pieces listed below show how dynamic of a printer we are.


Recuerdo Mezcal – Jorge Masvidal: Wide format and branded pieces featured on ESPN, Barstool Sports and Yahoo. 


Insignia7 DieCut Packaging Kit: Multi-fold Handle Boxes.


Hotel Zena – Hotel Support Kits: Key Holders, Do Not Disturb Signs, Thank You Notes.


The Root – CBD Small Packaging Kits. 

Community Support

Throughout the month of July and into early August we were very proud to complete print work and message for Mission22. They are dedicated to healing America’s veterans when they need it most — right now. They offer treatment for post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and other physical challenges that veterans are facing today. To learn more about their work please visit




TEAM Profile

Steve Dorn, Sales

Steve Dorn has an incredible knowledge about packaging and branding. His experience with large scale and custom order packaging programs is world class. Every program he creates meets his client’s budget, deadline and most importantly their expectation. Thank you, Steve for everything you do and how you represent TEAM!  


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